Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps for economic and efficient liquid manure management

Vogelsang pump technology

Quality pays off

We have guided it from invention to perfection: the rotary lobe pump. It is powerful, self-priming even in deep pits, reversible, and first and foremost impervious to foreign matter. In short, it is perfect for pumping liquid manure. In addition, our pumps are very compact while also being very light. It is for exactly these reasons that rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang have become an essential fitting on tankers. Their high ease of maintenance, moreover, allows them to be serviced directly where they are installed, without dismounting.

Continuously optimized technical innovations provide perfection in quality and performance. This makes it possible for us to specially tailor Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps to the requirements of agriculture and liquid manure management. With three different series, each of which comes in various sizes and capacity levels, we are perfectly positioned for any area of application in agriculture.

Pump compass

Pump compass


You’re the one who knows best what your rotary lobe pump has to do and where it will be used most often. Vogelsang provides the perfect solution for every operation. Have a look and find out which pump suits you best.